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Your partner in e-commerce & marketing strategy

What do we do ?

At va|ue, our mission is to establish with you an actionnable strategy from marketing to e-commerce 

thanks to innovative methodology taking into consideration your business, values, and market opportunities.



Launching a website can be quick and easily…. However, are you sure to be ready enough to make it successful?

va|ue guides you to write your new e-commerce story with a full approach: content, invoicing, stock management, customer service, paiement, deliveries, …



Similarly, you want to launch a new product, a new brand or enter a new market? 

va|ue helps you to get the right positioning, the right marketing strategy and the right way to answer your consumers’ needs to make it be a success story !



Above all, you want to get omnichannel? or to launch a new brand or product?

From hands-on experience to board management experience, va|ue can easily understand all your constraints and opportunities to design a strategic plan adapted to your business vision  and goals.


Your company and success are unique, so should be your strategy!

Valerie Renier, Founder va|ue

How do we work ?

While most of companies work with traditional corporate strategy, va|ue works with adapted design strategy.

Based on design thinking methodology, the va|ue design strategy is not only a methodology, but a combination of frameworks, roadmap, and way of thinking that will lead you to successful strategy elaboration and implementation.




First, a project can’t be successful without an holistic understanding of your business, your market, your projects and objectives, your pain and gain points, and of course your customers. 

That’s where the project makes sense.




After asking thoughtful questions, we will merge collective intelligence with design thinking to understand where we are – where we want to go – how we will get there, and leverage business innovation.

That’s where we build solid foundations. 




Finally, strategy is often nice on paper, but not so easy to implement. Thanks to va|ue methodology, we connect the dots and deliver an actionable plan with an efficient roadmap with a collaborative view.

That’s where we already start growing.

va|ue partnership will bring you

innovative solution mindset.


Why “va|ue” ?

At va|ue, we believe that there is no such universal value that can fit them all: all businesses, all companies, all managers, all employees … or all success stories. Every project, every collaborator, and every customer have their own values, their own vision, which make them unique and worthfull.

That’s why, our name “va|ue” brings a point of honor on aligning those 3 key strategy elements: 

Business value


Business is not only about deliverables. With va|ue, we pay attention to meet your business vision, objectives and outcome as they were ours. 

User value


User experience strategy is a major key to ensure the alignement between your business goals, user needs and technical capabilities.  

Human value


Business  relies at the end on people. By understanding the human and bringing empathy, your project will be closer to reality, meaningful and more profitable.

How do we start ?

Grab a (virtual) coffee together, let’s talk about your project, your constraints and opportunities, and how to make things work!

Don’t wait, just contact us 🙂